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Here are a few things people have said about me and my shows:

“Master of the idiot one-liner joke”

Beyond The Joke

“A magical ride into the ridiculous”

The List

Unashamedly silly, feel-good and childlike in the best possible way”

EdFringe Review

Unashamedly silly, feel-good and childlike in the best possible way”

EdFringe Review

“Absurdity so well-crafted that silly doesn't do it justice”

Evening Standard

“Skilfully delivered absurdist musings”

Three Weeks

“A wonderful hour of professional silliness”

The List

“Falafel has a talent for the tangential with the ruthlessness and timing of any talented standup”


“Punchy, surprising and highly entertaining… a gloriously daft show”

Fringe Guru

“Clever and bizarre”

The Skinny

“Lovely, accessible and constantly creative”

Edinburgh Festival Magazine

“Quirkily eccentric… combining modern technology with old-fashioned idiocy”

The Scotsman

“A barrage of absurdist humour and sharp one-liners”

Ed Fringe Review

"Refreshingly odd"


“Silly enough to make you feel like an eight-year-old child all over a gain

Broadway Baby 

"Olaf Falafel is an idiot, and wouldn’t have it any other way, performing his silly, odd one-liners with a dumb grin. He’s part Tim Vine, part Tony Law and even part Al Murray as he praises the beautiful Scandinavian names of all those he selects from the audience to co-conspire in whatever mechanism he’s using to deliver his cheesy material. The spirit of messing about is strong and infectious, and he has a lot to offer if you’re in the market offbeat puns and general foolishness."

Steve Bennett


"Olaf Falafel is like a chocolate digestive – very moreish. One of my favourites"

Bruce Dessau

"He's like Thor but way funnier and with a smaller hammer."

Tony Law

"A mixture of audience interaction and jokes worthy of Milton Jones. His easy confidence and a sense of performance endeared him to the crowd"

Julia Chamberlain


"Olaf Falafel is managing to do something very special. He’s carving a truly unique comedy niche in a very congested stand-up business.

I’ve booked him 3 times in quick succession to play in my various clubs in the knowledge he will very soon be unobtainable to a promoter like me. Any club owner who doesn’t book him, will torment themselves forever, the way I do having turned down John Bishop."

Ben Moorhouse

Get Stuffed

"Now this guy is someone you must see if you have the chance. Hilariously funny and surely destined for greater exposure and fame. The way he works the crowd, his material and delivery are just brilliant and the crowd were in uproar throughout his routine."

Bedfordshire on Sunday newspaper

"Olaf Falafel has the potential to be one of the very best comedy characters on the circuit. Fusing intelligent material with a larger than life character he brings enormous fun to any show. The only doubt I have is the claim that he is the 8th best Swedish comedian; I would have him as number 1."

Paul Revill

Promoter Castle Comedy 

"A big personality who fills a room and has both silly and intelligent material that very much suited our mixed crowd – comes highly recommended! ."

Mark Pencherz

Promoter Coldharbour Comedy